Milestone Group, the global investment fintech firm, best known for digital innovation in fund processing and NAV oversight, today announced the launch of its institutional asset allocation solution tailored for the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

This provides asset allocators in the region, such as Australian Superannuation Funds, Sovereign Pension funds, Life Companies, Implemented Investment and Wealth Management providers with access to a comprehensive and efficient tailored cloud solution.

This move demonstrates the Milestone Group's commitment to bring its global capabilities to all markets, with proven recent experience servicing large asset allocators, including insurance companies and outsourced CIOs in EMEA and North America.

Designed for customised asset allocation models, high efficiency discretionary and algorithmic portfolio implementation, and streamlined investment operations, pControl™ Asset Allocation addresses the investment modelling and execution process needs of institutional asset allocators and to automate and unify processes for the various stakeholders. The data driven solution offers institutional fund of fund investors with a cost effective enterprise platform and future-proof pathway to adapt as business conditions change.

APAC-based asset allocators now have access to multi-asset class capabilities, advanced rebalancing and exposure management functionality third party administrators, sub-advisors and market data vendors via a cloud based managed service.

The solution addresses what has historically been a fragmented, manual, time-consuming process, as highlighted in Milestone Group's recent survey, which revealed that most institutional investors globally still lack an enterprise technological capability to adopt sophisticated investment strategies. 82% of the 47 institutional investors that were surveyed during 3Q2020 confirmed that fund of fund investment strategies are becoming more complex to manage.

Multiple geographies
"This is another example of the flexibility that a process and data-driven platform can deliver to the market, and of our commitment to working with clients across multiple geographies to solve common problems at scale," said Geoff Hodge, executive chairman of Milestone Group.

"We have developed and refined these capabilities in partnership with some of the world's leading asset allocators. Globally, we are focused on being a specialist provider to asset owners, managers and asset servicers, delivering digital solutions that change what is possible, and often, how organisations think about what they can achieve with modern technology in a changing world."

Milestone Group's managing director for APAC, Marian Azer, added, "Within Asia Pacific, portfolio management technology is being driven by what's becoming an insourcing trend among top Superannuation and Pension funds. There is a growing demand from Australian superannuation funds, of all sizes and complexities, for an enterprise-based technology to manage daily asset allocation parameters and to be able to effectively model, monitor and transact in near real time."

"Most solutions cannot fully support the increasingly complex product and multi-portfolio fund of fund structure and complex product-led asset allocation decision making activities - from modelling, pre-trade compliance, cash forecasting, to execution. We know APAC asset allocators face continued return and cost pressure, highlighting the importance of driving investment returns by being able to deploy effective real time dynamic asset allocation decision making. This solution enables them to do just that."

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