April 18, 2024
Jersey-based Tiller Technologies rolls out digital ID solution for international clients
March 15, 2024
New non-dom rule changes may be delayed as 'absent' from UK Finance Bill
March 1, 2024
HMRC exposes complex offshore tax avoidance scheme using Singapore company
February 23, 2024
Changes afoot for Britons who travel to Europe, perhaps to a second home
February 21, 2024
Portugal Court eases golden visa approvals with residency application ruling
February 7, 2024
Dubai expat adviser AHR sets up new real estate unit led by JLL's Tom Stephenson
February 7, 2024
Aisa International warns of 'concerning' rise in expats badly advised on ISAs
January 29, 2024
Novia Global targets expats left in 'suspended animation' with new ISA product
January 26, 2024
Australia is the latest to close its golden visa scheme
January 26, 2024
Half a million UK expats to miss out on pension increase this year
January 17, 2024
Out with Portugal's old NHR, and in with the new
January 8, 2024
Portugal accelerates residency applications for golden visas
January 4, 2024
Ex-Cyprus president and former MP plead not guilty in golden passports trial
January 3, 2024
Graham Morrall takes up new post at Moventum
December 20, 2023
DIFC FinTech programme continues - $600m raised to date
November 21, 2023
A pension related wish list for expats ahead of UK Autumn Statement 2023
November 16, 2023
Portugal's NHR 'might be phased out' in one year's time amid new direction of travel
November 14, 2023
Spain's constitutional court rejects challenge over additional wealth tax
November 9, 2023
II Africa Forum 2023 highlights - advisers warned to accept 'inevitable change'
November 9, 2023
Cautious optimism for investors as NHR survives amid Portuguese PM resignation
November 3, 2023
II Africa Forum 2023 - five days to go!
October 23, 2023
New details on Portugal's golden visa rules for 'eligible' investment funds
October 19, 2023
EU Commission seeks to deny visa-free travel to citizenship scheme investors
October 16, 2023
Long term UK expats may face 'huge' UK tax charges
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