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Elite Summit 2024: The Leading Private Wealth Management Forum

The highly-anticipated Elite Summit 2024, scheduled for 27th - 29th May 2024 at the prestigious Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, in Switzerland, is an exclusive, invitation-only summit that will bring together leading family office investors and distinguished investment solution providers for profound discussions on cutting-edge strategies and industry best practices.

Key topics of the Elite Summit 2024 include:

· Optimal management of wealth, assets, and relationships across generations for lasting prosperity.

· Strategies for portfolio management.

· Exploring new investment prospects.

· Optimizing asset allocation to fulfil clients' financial objectives.

· Analysing technological advancements' implications for elevating investments, streamlining operations, and expanding revenue.

· Examining the dynamic economic and geopolitical landscape.

· Forecasting risks and formulating proactive strategies to thrive in a volatile environment.

· Exploring the next generation’s entrepreneurial spirit and approach to investing.

· Encouraging effective transitions of power and growth preservation.

· Deconstructing family office infrastructure.

· Offering insights for managing family wealth and facilitating intergenerational continuity.

This year’s agenda includes:

· Todd Benjamin, Former Financial Editor, CNN International

· Guy Hudson, Partner - Head of Marketing, Stonehage Fleming

· Frits Moonen, Founder – Owner, Momentum Family Office

· Dr. Olaf Matthaeus Rottke, Managing Director, Single Family Office

· Barbora Maronkova, Public Diplomacy Officer for Global Partners, NATO Public Diplomacy Division

· Lea Dauphas, Chief Economist , TAC ECONOMICS

The Elite Summit 2024 promises to be an unparalleled experience, offering participants a unique opportunity to gain insights from presentations and panel discussions. The event also allows for the exploration of profitable opportunities with one-on-one meetings at one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

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For inquiries, please contact Anna Iacovou, Digital Media & PR Executive, at

European Pensions & Investments Summit 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the European Pensions & Investments Summit 2024 is back!

Leading pension investors along with innovative asset managers from around the world, will convene from 27th to 29th May 2024 at the prestigious Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, in Switzerland.

The Summit presents an exceptional opportunity for extensive informal networking among C-level Investors Representing Europe’s Largest Pension Funds and innovative Asset Managers from around the globe during presentations, meals, cocktail receptions, and personalized one-on-one business meetings. Sponsors will have the chance to meet with key allocators through these one-on-one meetings.

The European Pensions & Investments Summit 2024 will cover key topics essential for navigating the investment landscape. Sessions include charting macroeconomic and geopolitical projections to anticipate challenges and opportunities, exploring innovative approaches to identify risks for higher long-term returns in a volatile financial environment, analysing asset class performance to minimize exposure and maximize profits, examining Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) approaches to meet ESG targets without compromising ROI, scouting alternative investments for attractive risk-return, and leveraging shared investments to access expertise, split risks, reduce costs, and optimize results.

This year’s agenda includes:

· Ronald Heijn, Vice-President, Pensioenfonds PGB

· Gianluca Manca, Strategic Sustainability Expert, Member of the Board Directorate General for the Environment, European Banking Federation

· Ronald Wuijster, CEO, APG Asset Management

· Léa Dauphas, Chief Economist, TAC ECONOMICS

· Marc-Antoine Collard, Chief Economist, Rothschild & Co Asset Management

· Elwin De Groot, Head of Macro Strategy, Rabobank

· Barbora Maronkova, Public Diplomacy Officer, NATO

· Kay Parplies, Head of Unit, Investment & Innovative Financing, EU Comission For information and inquiries, please register your interest by visiting here or directly contact Anna Iacovou, Digital Media & PR Executive, at

Private Wealth Management Summit 2024 -marcusevans

We are excited to announce that the Private Wealth Management Summit returns in June 10-12 at Encore Boston Harbor Boston, MA, USA! The Private Wealth Management Summit is an invitation-only, premium summit bringing leading private wealth management investors and innovative fund managers and consultants. The summit’s content is aligned with key investment challenges and interests, relevant market developments, and practical and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by successful pioneers.

The Private Wealth Management Summit provides a platform that helps North Americas leading family wealth investors evaluate and partner with relevant service providers, while we connect asset management companies with these chief investment strategists.

The topics for the PWM Summit June 2024 are determined by continuous research with our delegates and leading enterprise executives. Some of the key issues for Summer 2024 include:

-Impact Investments
Examining industry trends, investment opportunities and strategies for integrating across asset classes to meet clients' portfolio and impact goals

-Geopolitical Risks
Assessing geopolitical developments and the impact on portfolio management as US relations with some countries are under the radar

-Alternative Investments
Pinpointing the growth of the alternative industry and best practices in due diligence, fund selection and monitoring these types of investments

-Machine Learning & AI
Reducing human intervention and taking advantage of the enormous amounts of data available to enhance decision-making and address key investment problems

-Multigenerational Wealth Transfer
Developing a plan for preparing the heirs to be good stewards of wealth and techniques for ensuring a successful transition

-Charitable Giving & Philanthropy
Working with clients to develop a cohesive strategy and exploring innovative ideas for engaging the next generation in philanthropy and charity

At the PWM Summit, you will experience a dynamic program featuring visionary keynote presentations, real-life case studies and interactive forums delivered by compelling speakers and expert moderators.

Our Past And Current Collaborations With Key Influencers Include

-Chris Halaska, Chief Investment Officer - Avalon Advisors

-Rafia Hasan, Chief Investment Offcer - Wipfli Financial Advisors

-Kevin Koehler, Director, Investment Strategy - Miracle Mile Advisors

-Jay Rogers, Chief Executive Officer - Four Thirteen, LLC

-Edwin Ryu, Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer - Legacy Wealth Advisors

-Michael Ashley Schulman, Chief Investment Officer - Running Point Capital Advisors

-Michael Wagner, Managing Director - Tolleson Wealth Management

-Stephen C. Biggs, CFA, CAIA, CFP, Principal/Chief Investment Officer - HC Financial Advisors, Inc.

-Michel Del Buono, PhD, Chief Investment Officer - Jordan Park

-Aoifinn Devitt, Chief Investment Officer - Moneta Group

-Brett Horton, COO & Head of Global Investments - Paris-Roubaix Group

-Jim Kozlowski, Senior Managing Director, Private Equity - Venturi Private Wealth Management

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