Zurich International Life in the Middle East (Zurich Middle East) is launching a Regular Savings Plan (RSP), a structured solution that helps customers achieve their life goals, with a customised plan that suits them.

RSP will be the latest addition to the wide array of investment and solutions plans Zurich Middle East has to offer, which has come as a result of intently listening to customers, partners and distributors, and discovering the need for a regular savings plan to help people save and to create wealth for their future—to be ready for life.

RSP serves as a structured, goal-based life plan whereby, even after the savings term is completed, the money remains invested in funds that are guided by a financial professional who provides risk-rated fund options, making sure the customer chooses those that best suit them. The plan can easily and actively be monitored online to keep track of the performance and upon completion of the savings term, customers can seamlessly make regular, partial, or full withdrawals, without any additional charges.

Customers have full control over the length of the plan, as well as the amount, frequency, and currency they save in—a plan that is fully customisable.

Other benefits include a death benefit (a payment on death to the chosen beneficiary of at least the policy value at the time of the claim) and free medical second opinion service, amongst many others.

The introduction of RSP to Zurich's portfolio aims to help customers in the UAE to plan more easily and strategically for future milestones such as their children's university education, retiring comfortably or any other life goal and is 100% compliant with IA regulations, targeted to achieve goals in 5 or more years, with completely transparent charges.