Jonathan Adair, director and chief technology officer at WCM Partners, has been removed as a director from the new Woodford venture.

The news comes following revelations Adair, who worked in proximity of Neil Woodford (pictured) as early as his Invesco Perpetual days before joining Woodford Investment Management as head of digital and technology, had registered a financial business with the Financial Conduct Authority last year.

WCM Partners' only new director leaves business one year after launch

Adair sits as the sole director at Curated Capital, a venture he set up with WCM Partners relationship manager Kristian Penttila, and was incorporated with Companies House on 27 May 2021, before receiving FCA approval on 7 November 2021.

According to the latest Companies House filing, Adair was removed as a director on 31 January 2022.

Adair's LinkedIn profile has yet to be updated with the news.

Woodford team members registered financial business with FCA in 2021

It is unknown whether the termination of Adair as a director is linked to his work at Curated Capital.

This leaves only Craig Newman and Paul Green as directors at WCM Partners.

Penttila's LinkedIn profile also shows he maintains his role at WCM Partners, although as he was never a director at the firm, it is unknown whether his position has been affected by Adair's departure.

WCM Partners has been contacted for comment.