Anti-money laundering expert Smartsearch has delved through the data to find what it describes as "the best tax havens in the world" for expats according to the criteria it has used. 

It looked at the numbers around taxes, rent cost, weather/beaches rating and the quality of bars and restaurants in the tax haven. 

"A perfect guide to someone looking for a place with a perfect climate, lots of high-quality bars and restaurants and somewhere where your money can sit untouched", it said. 

For each of the 44 countries and territories the overall index rating was based upon the Tax Justice Rating, the average monthly cost for an Airbnb, the Travel Advisory Board's safety rating, the internet speed according to, the weather rating from and the average Tripadvisor rating for both the best 20 bars and restaurants.

Following the data collection, all figures were indexed to give a rating out of 100 for each country.

Tripadvisor, Airbnb and Weatherspark data was collected from 1st March 2022 to 15th April 2022.

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Factors it looked at when deciding on what makes a good tax haven were: 

Tax Rating
This number shows how easy it is for one to store their wealth and the type of taxation it succumbs to. A 100 rating will be a country where anonymity, 0% taxation and even rebates will be seen, whereas a 50-75 rating will be a country with nominal taxation, less secrecy and no form of rebate or interest.

Average Monthly Rent
We looked at the monthly rent cost a tax haven would require. Some of the more lavish and luxurious tax havens will have a high accommodation cost. Fortunately, most of the tax havens have a high standard of rentals, whether it's a beachfront house or a central apartment.

When moving to a tax haven, safety will be crucial and comes in all forms. Whether it's the terrain and roads or general street crime, we used external advisory ratings to find which was the safest.

Internet Speed
Having a solid, functioning internet in a tax haven is crucial when you are working remotely and managing your finances. Setting up in a tax haven requires lots of moving parts, so having a strong internet is a must. Some of the tax havens have internet which will cause many laggy Zoom calls, all the way to some of the best internet speeds in the world.

Weather & Beaches
Fortunately, the places where your money is most hidden are also the same places with some of the most beautiful beaches and warm climates. Whether it's the pink sands of Bermuda or the scenic countryside that Jersey can offer, there is a tax haven to suit everyone's tastes.

Bars and Restaurants
Similarly to the weather and beaches rating, it took a look at the quality of the dining and drinks available on all the tax havens. While some lack a diverse menu due to location, most have an incredibly high culinary standard, with many boasting Michelin-starred restaurants and the best bars around.

The report's top jurisdiction based on the criteria was The Bahamas which it said was "one of the most popular expatriate destinations for good reason. 

"Crystal clear ocean, bright sunshine and fine-sand beaches make the island a paradise in its own right. It also helps that being a resident gives incredible tax benefits.

"The Bahamas has some of the lightest tax policies in the world, with the government not enforcing income, sales, gifts, estate or capital gains taxes.

"These easy-going tax policies invite investors, business owners and wealthy individuals which contributes to a stable local economy. The Bahamas is one of the more VISA-friendly countries, offering options to get permanent residency after just a couple of years."

The report further said about the Bahamas: "One of the more expensive places to live, the average monthly rent in the Bahamas is around £1,795 but the properties usually involve being just yards from a beach or having their own pool. The luxury makes sense given that most residents will have a lot of disposable income. 

"Whilst tourists and expatriates are safe, the Bahamas has seen crime rise over the past few years. It can range from taxi drivers overcharging and pickpocketing to violent mugging which has risen. The Bahamas was given a 3/5 rating for safety with 5 being unsafe to visit. 

"Whether it's the Tropic of Cancer beach in Exuma or the Beaches of Stocking Island, all 16 islands have isolated, peaceful and dream-like beaches for its residents. The Bahamas hit a score of 80 for its weather, making it one of the best climates of all tax havens. The weather can be tough without air conditioning for permanent residents.

"The Bahamas has plenty of bars and restaurants for everyone, whether it is the spectacular Atlantis Casino Resort in Nassau or beach bars like The Daiquiri Shack. There are hypnotic nightclubs and luxurious bars or small beachfront bars for you to watch the sunset with a drink. The Bahamas bars and restaurants hit a score of 80."

The full top ten jurisdictions are listed below: 
1.    Bahamas
2.    Anguilla
3.    Jersey
4.    Turks & Caicos
5.    British Virgin Islands
6.    Liechtenstein
7.    Lebanon
8.    Singapore
9.    Bermuda
10.    Isle of Man

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