The growing success of financial services in Dublin continues unabated as its International Financial Services Centre this year celebrates its 35th year on the world stage.

In this II Special Report on Dublin, we spoke to a cross section of key players in our overview to gauge how they are dealing with such areas as post Brexit, Covid and climate related matters going forward. 

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International investment video interviewed three senior international financial services executives who are based in the city, to drill down into their approach to business.  

KBIGI CEO Sean Hawkshaw talks through its first new investment strategy in recent years while highlighting the importance of the ‘s' in ESG.

We also spoke to Victor France, CEO of Dublin-based cross-border advice firm Abbey Wealth, on the benefits of working and living in the Irish capital and the state of play less than a year into an MBO.

While Canada Life International MD Russell Keenan answers questions on the benefits and challenges of being based in Dublin.

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