Due to Strong Investor Interest in the Middle East, the CBI Market Is Expected to Hit $100BN by 2025, according to a report by Huriya Private.

The global citizenship industry is expanding, with many people from the Middle East region applying for second citizenship throughout locations like Portugal and Malta in Europe, and Caribbean countries like St. Kitts & NevisGrenadaDominica, and Vanuatu, due to tax breaks, wealth protection, future security, and visa-free travel around the world. 

All of the mentioned benefits drove the global citizenship & immigration industry to reach a new high that is expected to hit $100 billion within the upcoming three years.

Citizenship By Investment: All You Need And More!

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is desired for a variety of reasons. The majority of these programs are well-established and solid, and they provide tremendous travel mobility and financial freedom to investors.

Second citizenship by investment programs grants investors a diverse range of benefits, travel advantages, tax benefits, healthcare facilities, education, and business opportunities - all of which guarantee the present and future safety and freedom that our clients seek for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

The overall amount of the residency and citizenship market is currently $21.4 billion. This is a significant amount of money, and it's growing every year. If present growth rates continue, this specialized industry will reach $100 billion by 2025, according to the report.

Portugal Golden Visa: Investors' gateway to EU Residency & Citizenship

With Portugal earning its position as the fourth safest country in the world, more investors are putting Portugal on their next best investment list. Economic progress and declining crime rates make Portugal a shining example of success today. It is no wonder so many people choose this rich land to get a Golden Visa through real estate investment to enhance their lifestyles and opportunities or simply to retire in their golden years because of the Mediterranean climate and affordable healthcare.

EU citizenship 

The Portugal Golden Visa is currently the most popular program for EU citizenship and residency. Property investment starts at €280,000 with guaranteed buyback options. The program offers EU Residency Cards after about eight months, which allows visa-free travel to 26 EU-based countries, along with the promise of visa-free travel to 185 countries when citizenship is obtained after five years.

Therefore, it is the ideal citizenship option for non-European citizens seeking safety and freedom while investing in a politically and economically stable country.

The Dominican Citizenship

Reports have shown that Middle Eastern investors show a significant interest in Caribbean second citizenship programs due to the variety of benefits provided to citizens and investors. Among these countries is the Commonwealth of Dominica.

It is significant to highlight that the Commonwealth of Dominica has always been a welcoming nation to global citizens around the world, all thanks to its Citizenship By Investment Program. The Dominica citizenship by investment program has been in operation since 1993 and is considered the most cost-effective Commonwealth Dominica passport program for a single applicant in the Caribbean.

Dominica passport holders and their families can take advantage of a wide range of benefits under this program. It allows you to travel visa-free to more than 140 countries, including top business hubs in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, leverage tax benefits, and secure a safe future for yourself and your family without renouncing your original passport.

The CBI Industry's future

The world has changed as a result of old and new crises, shifting blocs, pandemics, globalization, state system decentralization, and increasing digitalization, putting the Citizenship by Investment industry in the middle of the focus.

On one hand, governments rely on CBI programs to keep their economies afloat. While on the other hand, businessmen and industries need travel mobility to globalize their companies and find international opportunities to grow and expand their operations. 

Similarly, families seek citizenship through investment programs to find a safe and secure home for their children with better access to education, healthcare, and an overall better lifestyle in politically and economically secured lands. 






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