OpesFidelio, the European advisory network run by Aisa International, announces the launch of its new website OpesFidelio.eu.

The new resource serves investors by matching them with one of more than 40 qualified advisers across Europe, based on their location and investment advice needs.

Investors can find targeted information from among the many OpesFidelio services, including pension provision, investment and financial planning, inheritance concerns, tax returns, relocation, and fiduciary and trust advice.

OpesFidelio executive director Max Durrant said: “The website prompts investors to answer a few questions, which allows us to understand their needs from the start. It jump-starts our individualized service and saves our clients’ time.”

OpesFidelio also said it was proud to announce it had been recognized for 2023 Excellence in Digital Innovation in Europe by International Adviser.

The judges of International Adviser’s 2023 competition said, “[OpesFidelio] definitely shifted the dial in terms of their digital offering. [They] had a well-structured plan and delivered it.”

Durrant added: “OpesFidelio financial advisers work throughout Europe, using our proprietary digital software, MoneyTrove, to offer clients individualized investment planning with the most recent, accurate information possible. The Digital Innovation award recognizes the value of this system, which is currently unique to OpesFidelio.”