Liontrust will waive the annual management charge and administration fee for its Russia fund while it is suspended. 

The waiving of the ongoing charges will be backdated to 1 March, the day after Liontrust announced the suspension of dealing. The firm said this will remain in place until dealing is resumed.

The OCF for share classes are as follows: A share class - 1.90%; B share class - 1.15%; C share class - 0.95%; M share class - 0.75%. 

In a statement issued today (8 March) the firm said: "We believe this is the right decision while shareholders cannot make purchases and redemptions in the fund.

"Liontrust did not take the decision to suspend lightly and we appreciate the ongoing suspension is very disappointing for shareholders. This was necessary due to the exceptional circumstances and events beyond Liontrust's control." 

Liontrust decided to suspend dealing on 28 February following the closure of the Moscow stock exchange and the ban on foreign investors trading in local Russian securities.

Liontrust has said it will keep the suspension under review and will update shareholders with more information as soon as possible.