Flows into global ETFs nearly halved in June, from €71.9bn in May to €35.7bn, according to data from Amundi Asset Management. 

Europe suffered €959m in outflows, as the region remains largely exposed to market impacts from the war in Ukraine. Investors withdrew €775m from the Eurozone, with redemptions year-to-date climbing to €4.3bn.

Flows into European registered equity ETFs totalled €1.3bn last month, taking year-to-date flows to €44.9bn. The month had just two weeks of positive flows, with the last two weeks pervaded by outflows, which climbed to €959m.

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US equity outflows totalled €769m, with year-to-date gains up at €14.4bn. Meanwhile, £741m flowed out of financial ETFs, bringing total year-to-date outflows for the asset class to €2.3bn.

Chinese and world equities were favoured by investors, with products gaining €1.8bn and €1.4bn respectively.

Up to €748m flowed out of value ETFs, though in-flows into the strategy had climbed to €3.9bn over the last six months.

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In June, investors allocated €1.5bn to ESG equity ETFs, while world indices gained €578m.

In the fixed income space, European UCITS fixed income ETF outflows climbed to €917m in June, the highest figure this year, with total flows up at €11.1bn, a continuation of the trend so far this year that has seen investors shift to government debt over corporate bond ETFs.

Flows into the asset class were positive during the first week of the month, turning negative from the second and third weeks, with small positive inflows in the last week.

Investors put €1.6bn into government debt in June, with US mid and long-duration bonds gaining €2.1bn and €349m respectively.