STM Malta Trust and Company Management Limited has changed its name to STM Malta Pension Services Limited. 

The company says the move aligns the business more closely to the company's growth strategy, customer focused product offerings, and industry trends.

Deborah Schembri, managing director, STM Malta Pension Services (who won the 2020 Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award) commented: "Our new name is an important element in our growth strategy and future success.

"It's the first impression that customers have of our brand so, because the business has evolved over the years, we needed to realign our name so that if reflects the fact that we're now a leading global provider of pension schemes. In addition, it enhances our identity, and gives us the exposure we need to communicate more effectively with existing and potential customers."

"As STM Malta Pension Services Limited we are now better positioned to reach a wider-spectrum of both national and international potential customers, and existing pensioners."

The growth strategy is based on 5 key strengths: Superior customer service, strong knowledge base and financial resources, people development, up-to-date organisational operations, and strategic partnerships.

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