As Investors Trust celebrates 20 years of business, we look back at how they got their start, how they spread their presence around the globe and how they plan to maintain their position as a leader in the industry for decades to come. 

Ariel Amigo, pictured below left, Head of Distribution & Chief Marketing Officer, discusses Investors Trust's great success over the years.

How did Investors Trust come into existence and evolve into the global company it is today? 

The owners actually worked in the field as advisors and saw firsthand the need for more product variety and flexibility.


They were, and still are, genuinely excited about investments and insurance, and they have this willingness to do what other companies are not willing to do. We carry this same mentality today, continuing to stand out from the competition and constantly evolving our offering to bring more variety.

What have been some factors playing into the company's success over the years?

For us to be successful, it's about listening to our financial advisors because they know what their market needs and sometimes what is needed in Dubai is different than what is needed in Latin America. We are very receptive to feedback from the field so that we can provide the proper support and tools to better service each region. 

Our use of innovative tools and technologies have positioned us for success and prepared us for unforeseen circumstances. It has allowed us to transition and adjust as the world changes. We were the first in the industry to provide an electronic platform for business management. Since then, we have evolved other processes and procedures to be fully online based. All of these steps were crucial to maintaining our success over the past few years. 

Our Product offering plays a big role in our success. Investors Trust offers an extensive list of investment solutions that can be customized to fit individual needs. We are constantly listening to the field, watching the competition, and researching current needs so that we can evolve and expand our offering to reach more investors.

What are some of Investors Trust's greatest accomplishments in the past 20 years? 

Our Electronic Application is something we're very proud of. We were the first in the industry to develop a fully online application process which set the bar for managing business online. 

The creation of Innovative Products proved to be fundamental to our growth.  Our award winner S&P500 Product Family has been our flagship product for almost two decades, and helped us position our brand in multiple markets.  Furthermore, the Fixed Income Portfolio was another offering celebrated in markets like Latin America.  For both families we kept adding options, and we plan to continue to do so. 

Receiving our first credit rating back in 2009 was a major achievement at the time and really made us stand up during very turbulent times in the market. By 2018, Investors Trust received an A- rating which has been a huge accomplishment and really propels the company ahead. We are thrilled to maintain this rating and continue to improve the business.

Expanding into multiple jurisdictions was a great accomplishment for Investors Trust and was critical to diversifying the business for future growth. We have seen incredible success from our multi-jurisdiction approach.  It has allowed us to offer tailor-made solutions to more clients, with different needs and backgrounds. This is another strategy that we are always open to expand further.

What are some of the biggest challenges Investors Trust faced over the past 20 years? 

We have been through the same challenges as many other Financial Services companies, and we have responded accordingly throughout the years.  There are a couple of events that stand out, like the Great Recession in 2008, or the Covid global pandemic in 2020-22.  

And then some ongoing challenges, mostly regulatory. These regulations are challenging for everyone in the industry, it's something that you have to deal with, and over the years we have been allocating more resources to be complaint.

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