August 3, 2023
Aviva Investors taps HBSC AM for global wealth head in the UK
July 17, 2023
Gibraltar gears up for Spanish elections
July 14, 2023
Portugal sets out final text for golden visa minus the real estate option
June 28, 2023
UK adviser calls for immediate withdrawal of generic pension guide 'misleading' expats
June 21, 2023
Portugal now plans to keep Golden Visa, but still ditch real estate option
June 20, 2023
Portugal's Golden Visa: the door remains open (sort of)
June 9, 2023
UK clients retiring abroad? Spain and Australia voted as best options
May 26, 2023
International experts abound and Martin Sixsmith inspires at II Connect
May 24, 2023
How to advise on working from home in Spain with new tax breaks
May 18, 2023
Expats in Middle East feel far 'better off' than in other regions reveals worldwide survey
May 17, 2023
Plans afoot to raise the bar for expats seeking Jersey residency
May 17, 2023
Global mobility, higher taxes driving UK wealth to Dubai and Europe
May 9, 2023
Spain may scrap or double property investment for golden visa 
May 2, 2023
Cyprus golden visa changes come into force amid ongoing passport trial 
April 18, 2023
Advisers react as Portuguese government modifies golden visa cancellation plans
April 13, 2023
Hong Kong expats with BNO status in UK blocked from accessing £2.2bn in pension assets 
April 13, 2023
World's most powerful passports in 2023 revealed
April 6, 2023
Portugal's 'unlawful' golden visa closure risks 'unbearable' compensation claims 
March 24, 2023
As golden visas diminish, MEPs back improved work and residence permit for non-EU nationals
March 21, 2023
Madeira refuses to comply with plans to end Portugal golden visa
March 20, 2023
Albania suspends golden visa scheme plan amid EU court case with Malta  
March 17, 2023
St Patrick look-a-like stars in fun viral citizenship ad
March 7, 2023
Five Caribbean jurisdictions agree new golden visa approach, axe Russian applicants

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