Plans are afoot in Jersey to increase the minimum income tax paid by new high-net-worth residents to £250,000.

So-called high value residents (HVR), known as 2(1)(e) status, currently pay £170,000 tax on the first £850,000 they earn and 1% on any worldwide income above that level. 

According to a BBC report, the island's Minister for Treasury and Resources proposed an increase from £170,000 to £250,000 for new HVRs.

Deputy Ian Gorst also proposed raising the minimum property price for new HVRs from £1.75m to £3.5m.

The expectation is also that applicants have a net worth of "at least £10m", excluding their place of residence.

The BBC reported that chief Minister Kristina Moore had said new measures were a "modest increase" in contributions to the public purse, an estimated extra £1.2m per year. 

"This Government welcomes people who generate wealth and contribute to sustainable economic growth, whether home-grown or those who want to make Jersey their home and become part of our community," she said.

The proposals come following a review by the Housing and Work Advisory Group (HWAG), chaired by Ms Moore.

Gorst said he was "pleased to support the HWAG, ensuring that new residents contribute even more to the public purse".

He said that current HVR's "already deliver significant benefits to Jersey, both economically and socially, and are very much welcome as part of our diverse community".