International financial planning firm Blevins Franks has launched a European emigration advisory service in response to high post-Brexit demand from UK citizens planning to move to France, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus.

One impact of Brexit is that those who wish to retire to an EU member state will have to obtain a resident's permit or visa before relocating, as they are now regarded as ‘third country' nationals, Blevins Franks said today (26 April) as it launched the new service.

Permit or visa applications will require retired UK nationals to satisfy specific conditions, different for each country, including a minimum level of income and/or capital as well as medical insurance, so as not to be a burden to the EU member state.

Jason Porter, director of Blevins Franks, said: "When the UK was part of the EU, Freedom of Movement meant Britons would normally apply for any residence permit after they had moved. And with no restriction on the number of days they could be present they could do this locally, at their leisure.

"Now the UK is a ‘third country' from an EU perspective, it is necessary for Britons to apply for and obtain a visa in advance and from the consulate or embassy in the UK, as well as understand the local complexities once they arrive in country - areas in which we can help."

Porter added: "We pride ourselves in helping our clients through all the tax and financial aspects of relocating, but now that the issue of emigration has come to the forefront of the whole relocating process, we feel it is essential we are able to assist our clients in this way as well.

"The requirements in terms of application forms and support documentation can be daunting, so we have decided to launch a new European Emigration Advisory Service designed to take customers through this whole process, as well as point them towards local specialists in their country of choice, which will be important once they have made the move."

The service will cover the following:

• An understanding of the specific requirements of the country they plan to move to
• Advice on the most suitable form of permit or visa, depending on their circumstances
• Guidance on the procedures to be followed both in the UK (which will normally include a visit to the country's embassy or consulate) and locally in each of the EU Member States in which Blevins Franks has offices.

This is already up and running from Blevins Franks' London office and supported by advisers and local professionals via Blevins Franks offices in France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta.

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