AXA Global Healthcare is expanding its health and wellbeing offer by introducing its new Mind Health service, which provides quick, convenient access to a fully qualified psychologist for members in need of mental health support.

Regardless of where in the world they are based, members can use the Mind Health service to seek advice on a variety of concerns, from missing friends to problems at work or home, or facing a difficult life challenge.

During a pilot in 2020, the service supported members in many ways, from coping with distressing life events, managing emotions such as low mood, anxiety and anger, and handling the impact of physical health conditions on both the body and mind. These are all challenges that the psychologists are fully trained to address.

AXA said a key feature of the service, available to all individual and small business members and their dependents, is that it can be accessed through the Virtual Doctor from AXA  service, already familiar to members.

After initially discussing their health concern with a doctor, any members who may need psychological support will be referred to the Mind Health team and a consultation with a psychologist will be arranged at a time that suits them. By integrating the Mind Health service with Virtual Doctor from AXA in this way, AXA Global Healthcare wants to make it as easy as possible for members to access expert help with their health - both physical and mental.

Andy Edwards global head of international healthcare, AXA Global Healthcare, commented: "Something that we're passionate about at AXA - and particularly hopeful that the Mind Health service will help our members to get to the heart of - is the link between mental and physical health."

"During last year's pilot period, we saw a number of referrals for mental health support after members had initially called about a physical symptom. By providing the service through our Virtual Doctor service, we hope to help our members adopt a more holistic approach to their health, therefore taking the best possible care of themselves both physically and mentally."

Edwards added: "While the Mind Health service wasn't developed specifically to provide mental health support during the pandemic, we're acutely aware that, for many organisations, this is currently top of the agenda."

"The potential that this service has to help people right now is very clear to us, and following an encouraging pilot, we are pleased to be able to offer it earlier than originally planned. We hope that our members find it delivers the help they need, while we continue to invest in further proactive health and wellbeing services for use in the future."