The service that a good financial adviser should provide for clients stretches beyond just telling them what to do with money, Continuum has said.

Commenting today (4 October) for World Financial Planning Day, managing partner Martin Brown said advisers needed to "step up and ensure they are doing their part" when it comes to helping clients combat stresses around finance but also more widely as well.

Brown said this should include offering "more emotional, mental and general health support to clients".

"During the coronavirus pandemic a lot of our clients came face to face with their vulnerability and started involving the next generation and wider family members with their planning for the future," he said. "We soon noticed a strong correlation between how confident our clients felt about the future, and the wellbeing of their entire family. This stretched beyond pure financial concerns into worries about things such as health and education of younger family members."

The theme for this year's World Financial Planning Day is on the role of the financial planner in reducing stress and improving clients' financial wellbeing.

Brown added: "It is undeniable that client wellbeing and happiness is closely linked to that of their wider family. If financial services firms want to demonstrate how they can help improve their clients' wellbeing, the focus needs to be on the wider family unit and not just the individual client.

"Financial advisers in particular need to involve younger generations with financial planning."

World Financial Planning Day aims to help raise awareness of the value of financial planning, having a financial plan, and working with a financial planner who has committed to putting clients' interests first. It is hosted by the Financial Planning Standards Board and is sponsored in the UK by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.