Robeco Global Consumer Trends Fund wins the highest rating in a top ten listing by fund selectors in SharingAlpha's latest December 2021 ranking list. 

SharingAlpha, a user generated fund ratings and model portfolios platform, recently compiled the list of winners for its 2021 fund awards.

Individual raters are ranked in terms of their talent in selecting funds and can therefore build a track record of their ability in selecting winning funds.

Their fund selection track record enables the raters to test their analysis, and if they choose the raters are able to present their proven track record to existing and potential clients.

The top ten highly rated funds, providers and highly rated funds by category are shown below: 

Recently highly rated funds

Fund Ratings Rating
Robeco Global Consumer Trends

Global Equity Large Cap

23 4.86
Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence

Technology Sector Equity

11 4.71
Long Term Investment Classic

Global Equity Large Cap

28 4.69
Schroder ISF Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Sector Equity

13 4.67
BGF World Technology Fund

Technology Sector Equity

20 4.67
MFS Meridian Prudent Wealth Fund

Multi-Asset Allocation

13 4.65
Ruffer Total Return International

Multi-Asset Allocation

14 4.46
Cobas Selección FI

Global Equity Mid/Small Cap

13 4.40
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Equity

Japan Equity

11 4.35
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity Fund

Japan Equity

15 4.01

Highly rated providers

Provider Rating
Nutshell 4.89
Value Partners 4.68
SIA 4.60
Odey 4.60
Lindsell Train 4.56
Fundsmith 4.54
MAN GLG 4.46
Robeco 4.43
Mirae 4.43

Highly rated funds by category

Category Fund
Asia ex-Japan Equity
Value Partners Asia ex-Japan Equity Fund

Value Partners

Asia Fixed Income
Matthews Asia Fds Asia Credit Opps

Matthews Asia

Asia Equity
Baillie Gifford Developed Asia Pac Fd

Baillie Gifford

Greater China Equity
UBS (Lux) EF Greater China (USD)


Commodities Broad Basket
Vontobel Dynamic Commodity


Communications Sector Equity
T. Rowe Price Communications & Tech Fd

T Rowe Price

Consumer Goods & Services Sector Equity
Invesco Global Consumer Trends Fund


Lazard Convertible Global


UBS (Irl) Currency Allocation Ret Strat


Emerging Markets Equity
BlackRock Frontiers


Emerging Markets Fixed Income
DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sust

Degroof Petercam

Energy Sector Equity
BNP Paribas Energy Transition

BNP Paribas

Europe Equity Large Cap
Pluvalca Allcaps


Europe Equity Mid/Small Cap
Lonvia Avenir Mid-Cap Euro


Euro Fixed Income
Imantia Fondepósito FI


Global Equity Large Cap
Robeco Global Consumer Trends


Global Equity Mid/Small Cap
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery Fund

Baillie Gifford

Global Equity
Nutshell Growth Fund


Global Fixed Income


Market Neutral
Pictet TR - Agora


Long/Short Equity

Marshall Wace

High Yield Fixed Income
Storm Bond Fund (Nordic High Yield)


India Equity
Jupiter India Select


Japan Equity
FTF Martin Currie Japan Equity

Franklin Templeton - Legg Mason

Latin America Equity
Brasil Capital Equity Fund

Brasil Capital

Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified


Precious Metals Sector Equity
AuAg Silver Bullet


Financials Sector Equity
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag


Healthcare Sector Equity
Polar Capital Biotechnology Fund


Real Estate Sector Equity
Vanguard Real Estate II Index Fund


Natural Resources Sector Equity
Long Term Investment Natural Resources


Technology Sector Equity
Franklin Technology Fund

Franklin Templeton - Legg Mason

Utilities Sector Equity
Franklin Utilities Fund

Franklin Templeton - Legg Mason

UK Equity Large Cap
Liontrust GF Special Situations Fund


UK Equity Mid/Small Cap
IFSL Marlborough Special Situations Fund


US Fixed Income
SIG Bramshill UCITS Income Perf Fd


US Money Market
Pictet-Short-Term Money Market USD


US Equity Large Cap Blend
Vanguard U.S. Opportunities Fund


US Equity Large Cap Growth
Polen Capital Focus US Growth Fund


US Equity Large Cap Value
Robeco BP US Premium Equities


US Equity Mid Cap
Janus Henderson Enterprise Fund

Janus Henderson

US Equity Small Cap
FTF Royce US Smaller Coms

Franklin Templeton - Legg Mason

Africa Equity
Laurium Limpopo Master LP


Europe Emerging Markets Equity
Prosperity Prosperity Cub

Prosperity Capital

Infrastructure Sector Equity
M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infras Fd


Global Macro
Lemanik SICAV Global Strategy Fund


Multi-Asset Allocation
AuAg Precious Green


Sharing Alpha's Fund rating methodology

Step 1

The fund selectors are asked to rate the funds based on their expectations in terms of the fund's chances of outperforming in the future.

The 3 parameters (or 3 P's) on which the overall rating is determined are factors that are expected to influence future performance:

People - The experience and competitive edge of the fund manager and their team;
Price - The cost of the fund;
Portfolio - The way the strategy is run in terms of risk management etc.

Step 2

SharingAlpha calculates the average ratings assigned by its users to each fund. It's important to note that SharingAlpha only takes into account ratings from users that they can identify as professional fund buyers.

Hence, anyone can technically signup and rate funds, however, in the fund rating calculation they don't include ratings coming from users that are, for example, non financial industry members or fund providers.

Furthermore, in order to improve the quality of the aggregate ratings, instead of using an equal averaging of the rankings they provide a higher weighting to raters that have a better track performance on the platform.

Step 3

A fund rating of above 3.0 implies that our raters expect the fund to create alpha in the future which makes this a powerful and unique rating.

Funds with an average rating of above 4.0, based on at least 10 professional raters, are entitled to present the 'Highly Rated Fund' SharingAlpha rating logo.

Providers with an average rating of above 4.0, based on at least 50 professional raters, are entitled to present the 'Highly Rated Provider' SharingAlpha rating logo.

Fund selectors ranking methodology

The member's fund selection ranking is determined by their ability to assess the future performance of the funds relative to the comparable ETF of the fund.

In case the rater expects the fund to outperform the ETF then the overall rating they assign to the fund will be over 3. It will be closer to 5 in case they have a strong conviction. Hence, a rating of between 1 and 3 is given to funds that are expected to generate negative alpha and a rating of between 3 and 5 is given to funds that are expected to generate positive alpha.

On a regular basis we compare the ratings with the actual performance of the fund verses the ETF, the closer the prediction with the actual reality the higher the score they get for this rating.

SharingAlpha calls this the Hit Score. It compares the overall average Hit Score of all the funds rated by the member and compare it to other members average Hit Score.