Mike Coady, who is well-known in the industry for having high profile roles with GWM and deVere Group before setting up as a money and performance coach, has heavily criticised the UK Government in social media comments over its latest list of countries rated as red, amber or green for COVID-19.

Currently based in Dubai as a British expat, he said he was "absolutely gutted again that the UAE remains on the UK's red list".

Coady argued the "UAE is one of the most advanced countries in the world" and that "over 200,000 covid lab tests a day, with less than 8/10s of 1% positive. Approximately 2-3 deaths per day on a population of 9,000,000".

He also pointed out that "over 100% of the population 1st dose vaccinated and "hospitals are covid free etc etc etc".

"What's the point in vaccination and a PCR test if the result is that you still can't travel without ridiculous restraints", he said.