One of the key presentations at next Wednesday's 11 May II Connect event in London will be the 9:40 am (BST) session on Trusts and Taxation.

In this session, introduced by International Investment  Editor Mark Battersby, we will look at how best to stay ahead of the global regulatory changes, including navigating across multiple jurisdictions.

Julie Peake - tax and estate planning specialist, Canada Life International and John Chew - pensions and estate planning specialist, Canada Life International will discuss the latest up-to-date issues surrounding trusts, domicile and residency, CGT and IHT matters. 

This session will offer a series of ideas and solutions, preparing the groundwork ahead of the case study presentation that will take place on stage later in the day.

Gary Robinson, Publisher, International Investment, said: "Canada Life International are well-known in the cross-border financial services world for being able to give the best technical support, so we are delighted to work with John Chew and Julia Peake in this session. 

"Speaking with them both on this subject has been illuminating given the ongoing changes with taxation and trusts in recent times. I've been impressed how they are both able to take extremely complex and detailed cross-border, multi-jurisdictional rules and explain it in such an easy-to-understand way."

This session will use the same case study information ahead of the session that will play out after our networking lunch, onstage, where this case study will be acted out by actors playing the clients and adviser. 

The Case Study will hosted by David White - Director, QB Partners

In this innovative format, II Connect's break out groups, will come up with ideas and solutions to help our couple overcome the dilemma faced by many clients that are returning home following a period working abroad. Break-out tables will be hosted by sponsors.

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