Confidence of Conservative voters aged 44 plus in Boris Johnson to produce a social care policy in this government's term in office has plummeted over the past year, halving from 43% to 22%, according to new research by retirement specialist Just Group.

This comes ahead of UK polls today (6 May) for the biggest set of votes since the 2019 general election, and the Queen's Speech on Tuesday 11 May.

This age group of Tory voters are now not confident that a policy will be produced in this government's parliamentary term with the proportion nearly tripling from 13% to 37% since last year.

Just 2% of Labour and Lib Dems believe the prime minister will produce a social care policy.

Stephen Lowe, group communications director at Just Group, commented: "Ahead of the Queen's Speech, we're still left with little more than hope and rumour that the Prime Minister will reveal the details of the plan he said would give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.

"Voters have heard it all before so it's no surprise that, even among the prime minister's own voters, scepticism is growing that this promise is all bluster and no action."