Royal Bank of Canada said on 28 March it had completed the acquisition of HSBC Bank Canada.

Dave McKay, president and CEO, RBC, said: "Today marks one of the most exciting times of our 155-year history and a pivotal milestone in our long-term growth story as we welcome 4,500 employees and 780,000 clients from HSBC Canada.

"This once-in-a-generation opportunity will show Canadians how our combined organization will deliver an enhanced banking experience, create better value for clients and strengthen our communities. I want to thank everyone involved in the monumental team effort to bring this deal to life and I look forward to the possibilities this acquisition will deliver."

To support the acquisition, RBC announced a number of commitments in December 2023, including commitments to create new Canadian jobs, continue to donate 1% of net income before taxes to communities, and finance the construction of new housing in Canada.

In Vancouver, the bank will also build a new Global Banking Hub over the next five years. This will be supported with over 1,000 jobs across multiple disciplines.

Neil McLaughlin, group head, Personal & Commercial Banking, RBC, said: "RBC's acquisition of HSBC Canada expands the depth and breadth of our international banking capabilities and builds our ability to connect Canadians to the global economy

"Through this combination, RBC is now exceptionally positioned as the bank of choice for commercial clients with international needs, newcomers to Canada and affluent clients who need global banking and wealth management capabilities."

With the closing of the acquisition, conversion activities will now begin. HSBC Canada's branches and offices will open for business on Monday, April 1, 2024 as RBC locations.