Quilter Financial Planning has announced its Level 4 courses have been moved fully online to improve access and flexibility for students studying to become a financial planner.

This follows the launch of FSRE4ALL, where all our training materials for the first module of the Diploma for Financial Advisers, DipFA, Financial Service Regulations and Ethics (FSRE) was placed online in June. 

All Level 4 training materials have been moved online, supported by videos, voice overs and questions to check understanding. In addition Quilter believes students benefit significantly from having dedicated tutorial sessions, and therefore students will continue to benefit from having a dedicated trainer.

The move to a more flexible online learning platform will also enable students to become level 4 qualified in 30 weeks, a change from the current 47-week programme.

Julian Hince, head of training at the Quilter Financial Adviser School: "During the pandemic we and our students had to adapt so they could continue their journey to becoming financial planners. We had always planned to move toward digital learning, but Covid-19 accelerated the process as the success of this period have been astonishing. We have maintained outstanding pass rates and technology has allowed for successful remote exams.

"Digital learning has the capacity to democratise the prospect of becoming a financial planner. We know many people have busy lives, schedules and commitments, but still want to pursue a career change. Through offering QFAS online we hope to welcome even more diverse cohorts of students keen to become the next generation of financial planners."