The convicted mastermind of multi-million-pound tax fraud, currently serving nine years in prison, has been ordered to repay £1.1m to the taxman or face seven extra years behind bars, tax enquiry expert Paul Lynam has reported.

Jason Butler, aged 49, formerly of Marbella, Spain - by way of Leeds, Yorkshire - was sentenced to for nine years jail in March 2018, for his leading role in a multi-million-pound international tax racket.

At a Confiscation Order hearing on 26 April 2021, the court ordered him to repay £1,112,000 within three months; or serve a further seven years in prison.

He would then still owe the money, and HMRC could still then pursue him for that plus interest.

During its criminal tax investigation, HMRC discovered hundreds of false invoices he'd generated to fraudulently claim VAT.

He tried to hide his tracks through a complex trading chain involving British and international companies. He was found guilty of VAT fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison at Leeds Crown Court on 26 March 2018.

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