New research conducted by Canada Life reveals that two-thirds (65%) of advisers' clients are most concerned about investment volatility, significantly ahead of the fifth (22%) who cite inflation as their clients' main concern.

The survey, conducted among 159 advisers during Canada Life adviser roadshow events in September and October 2022, found that clients are currently less concerned about having sufficient retirement income (9%) and intergenerational wealth planning (3%).

Shelley Greenwood, head of investment proposition, wealth at Canada Life said: "Given both the constant headlines and the ups and downs of global markets over the last few months, it makes sense that investment performance is the top concern for clients.

"While this anxiety often focuses on the immediate pressures of the economy, it's important to remember that retirement horizons can stretch for decades into the future.

"Financial planning in retirement can be complex and must be personal - plans should be able to ride fluctuations in the markets, and be resilient to the economic headwinds we are currently facing. Bumpy markets can wreak havoc on those taking money out of their investments as a result of ‘pound-cost ravaging', selling investments during dips to generate income.

"Rather than navigate retirement on your own, it's always worth seeking out the expertise of a professional qualified financial adviser, who has the knowledge and expertise to help ensure your plans remain firmly on track, whilst helping you to understand the journey along the way."