iM Global Partners has launched a managed futures UCITS fund in partnership with Dynamic Beta investments.

The firm said that the iMGP DBi Managed Futures fund had received "keen interest" from investors, who had already allocated it €60m in seed money.

Launched three years ago in the US market, the strategy aims to replicate the performance of a portfolio of managed futures hedge funds, which iMGP said minimises single manager risk.

This is achieved through a dynamically adjusted portfolio of liquid futures contracts, aiming to invest in index futures to achieve similar factors weighs of hedge funds, rather than investing directly in hedge funds themselves.

iMGP said that the US fund has now become the largest managed futures ETF in the industry in terms of assets under management, growing from $60m in 2021 to $1bn at the end of 2022.

The fund, which was announced in November, has now received approval from Luxembourg regulator CSSF.

Andrew Beer, co-founder of Dynamic Beta investments, said: "Managed futures arguably offer greater diversification benefits to stocks and bonds than private equity, private credit, real estate, commodities and many other common diversifiers.

"Yet few wealth managers and institutional investors in Europe have meaningful allocations. With this fund, we aim to change that."