International Investment is launching the second of a new regular series of curated video events - with the Social part of the  Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) acronym firmly in the spotlight.

Featuring interviews and a hosted Q&A with fund managers, fund selectors and ESG product providers, this video feature will be premiered here on Thursday 24 March at 1500 GMT.

Key participants in the video feature and Q&A session included David Harrison, Fund Manager for Rathbones Global Sustainability Fund and Chris Corkish, investment marketing manager, RL360 and Austen Robilliard of Murdoch Asset Management who was last year crowned the II Awards as the 2020 European Fund Selector of the Year. 

Among the subjects on the menu for discussion includes: how investing into the social side of ESG spectrum can have real impact in the world and how will the impact of a year in lockdown be felt in terms of ESG focus for investors and the industry in 2021 and beyond?

This special video event, which was be part of a new series of virtual video sessions being launched on International Investment featuring product providers, fund managers, financial advisers, fund selectors and industry specialists speaking on a variety of topics.

These will include ESG, fintech, taxation and trusts, diversity, retirement, international platforms and expat advice clinics to name a few. 

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