FEIFA (Federation of European IFAs) has unveiled "its new, unique, and exclusive Recruitment Hub". 

In a statement on 5 September, FEIFA CEO Paul Stanfield said: "A number of our member firms have been struggling to find appropriate people to fill roles that they have available.

"They asked if we could create a means by which they can publicise the fact that they are looking for advisers and/or back-office staff. We have therefore created this Recruitment Hub."

The Hub can be seen here: https://feifa.eu/feifa-recruitment-hub/ and will be promoted in various ways and across different media.

All of FEIFA's member firms that wish to be included in this project have been able to do so.

Stanfield added: "This facility is for individuals looking for a new role. It is not for blanket messaging or promotion by recruitment companies to any of our member firms.

"If representatives of a recruitment company have a client that definitely fits the specific description of one of the available roles below, they are of course free to contact the company concerned - but we request that they only communicate with the relevant firm and only in such circumstances."