In this exclusive video below, five of the biggest names in the international life and products world have taken part in third annual International Investment Leadership Summit 2023, at Incisive Studios in London

The invite only exclusive session - which was recently filmed at Incisive Media's TV Studios in Covent Garden London, on the same day as the 24th Annual II Awards -featured the CEOs and global heads of sales from Canaccord Genuity Wealth International, Hansard, Investors Trust, IFGL and Utmost.

Taking part round the table at the Summit and answering a series of revealing questions on AI, industry consolidation, new products and education were: Andy Finch, CEO, Canaccord Genuity Wealth International; Graham Sheward, CEO Hansard; Ariel Amigo, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Investors Trust, David Kneeshaw, Group CEO,

IFGL Group and Stephen Atkinson, Global Head of Sales, Utmost Group (all participants pictured above and below right)

"The II Leadership Summit is something that we are incredibly proud of and continues to be open forum for some of the most interesting and exclusive debates in our industry," said Gary Robinson, Publisher, International Investment pictured left, who moderated the summit.

"Bringing companies together to discuss the wider concerns of our industry has always been something that we

try to achieve at our events. But this is is another level. It is rare to have all of these names round the table

together and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity bring this exclusive content to our readers and members  

To view the third annual International Investment Leadership Summit 2023, click on the image below or visit