The ex-general manager of Jersey Mutual Insurance Society, who defrauded the company out of almost £3.4m, has been jailed for nine years.

Jersey's Royal Court yesterday (30 January) ruled that Roy Anthony Jeanne and Michael John Timms would receive jail sentences for nine years and four years respectively.

According to the Bailiwick Express, Jersey Mutual manager Roy Anthony Jeanne (73) spent much of the money he stole on gambling and on a villa in Spain. Michael John Timms (74) received £160,000 as well as the contracts for his company.

The sentencing followed a long and complex investigation named Operation Lavender, which saw specialist financial investigators, supported by forensic accountants investigating offending by Jeanne and Timms, which spanned 13 years.

Jeanne was charged and pleaded guilty to three counts of larceny servant, falsification of accounts, money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud. Timms pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Detective inspector Aiden Quenault, of the Joint Financial Crimes Unit, said: “This case reflects the complexity of financial crime investigation but also highlights the dedication, perseverance and skill of the investigators and the Law Officers Department prosecutors involved in the case.

“The States of Jersey Police are committed to thoroughly and diligently investigating all types of offending and financial crime is no different; those seeking to benefit from abusing their position in business and laundering their illicit gains will be identified, investigated and prosecuted.

“Every effort will be made to confiscate and return any proceeds of crime to victims.”