DeVere, KBI Global Investors and RL360 line-up for the International Investment stream as part of the Incisive Sustainable Investment Festival on June 22.
The Incisive Sustainable Investment Festival takes place across four days between 22 June - 25 June with International Investment stream taking

place in the afternoon of the opening day from 1.45pm. 

In the International Investment stream DeVere Group takes part in a Q&A session entiled Nigel Green, CEO, deVere Group in conversation with...II's Gary Robinson. 
Green, pictured left, CEO and founder of international advisory firm deVere Group, discusses the developing opportunities for ESG investment products in the international arena and how different the need and demand for ESG investment products can vary from one global jurisdictions to another. 
KBI Global Investors 
KBI Global Investors' chief investment officer Noel O'Halloran takes part in this company's segment entitled

 'KBI Global Investors approach to sustainable investing and the net zero goal', alongside David Hogarty head of strategy development, senior portfolio manager. David Hogarty will also take part in the panel discussion at the end of the segment.

Chris Corkish, pictured left, investment marketing manager, RL360 and Jayne Moffat, investment marketing analyst, RL360 will take part in a session on 'How ESG translates internationally', where the pair discuss how ESG is perceived internationally and how it translates across geographical location.

RL360 also explores what an international product provider looks for when adding an ESG fund to its range. Chris Corkish will also take part in the panel discussion at the end of the segment.

The International Investment stream will conclude with a panel discussion relating to the growth of sustainable investment across the world and will tackle issues such as greenwashing.
The panel will be hosted by II's Gary Robinson and will be streamed live on the day with some questions submitted in advance and some that will be able to requested by delegates attending the event on the day.
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