Charles Schwab has opened its US investment platform to all UK investors, after previously requiring a $25,000 minimum to use the platform.

UK investors can now use the firm's platform to buy and sell US equities, bonds, and options, with no commissions or service fees.

The firm currently has 33.6 million active brokerage accounts, and said it was expanding the service to reach a new potential customer base.

Charles Schwab has also launched a Managed Account Select service, offering a range of pre-designed investment strategies for a managed account, such as balanced and large cap value, international growth, or fixed income.

Richard Flynn, UK managing director at the firm, said: "Our new services are designed to help UK retail investors expand their investment options in the US market. We believe our platform provides investors with one of the most affordable and insightful ways to invest in American businesses.

"The transaction volume, market capitalisation, and number of listed companies make the US market a unique and attractive option for international investors."

He added: "Taken together, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ comprise the deepest financial market in the world with close to 5,000 companies for investors to choose from including most major corporations and global brands."