Capital Group has launched a Multi-Sector Income fund, which will have an exclusive distribution partnership with UBS Global Wealth Management for investors in Europe, including the UK, and Asia. 

The fund will invest in four income sectors: investment grade corporate bonds; high yield corporate bonds; emerging market bonds; and securtised credit.

It can also invest in a "small proportion" outside these sectors as "opportunistic exposure".

Captial Group will be able to tilt exposure to the sectors to create a "balanced risk profile".

The UCITS fund will be managed by five portfolio managers.

Holding an Article 8 rating, the fund applies exclusions and has a carbon footprint target of at least 30% lower than its reference index.

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The exclusive launch with UBS is valid until 31 March this year.

Mike Gitlin, head of fixed income at Capital Group, said the fund "combines the power of four fixed income sectors to target reliable income in different market conditions".

"Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, the ability to find reliable sources of income has become increasingly important for investors," he added.