BNY Mellon calls for 'inclusive investment' as women globally could invest $3.2trn more

An independent report, commissioned by BNY Mellon Investment Management, has found that if women were to invest at the same rate as men there would be an additional $3.2trn of capital to invest globally. 

The report, Pathway to Inclusive Investment, is a result of surveying 8,000 respondents across 16 markets and 100 asset managers with combined assets under management of nearly $60trn.

The research identified three key barriers to women investing: women believe they need more disposable income, that investing is inherently high-risk and a lack of engagement from the industry to tackle confidence in investing.

Hanneke Smits (pictured), CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Management, said "Inclusive investment means ensuring the investment industry is accessible to all". Going on to say her firm would be using the research to "ensure more meaningful change takes place".

In fact, the research found almost nine in ten asset managers "admit their default investment customer" is male.

Positive social impact

The research found that women want to invest in a way that has a positive social and environmental impact and so if they were to invest at the same rate as men over $1.9trn would flow into responsible investments.

Over half of women (55%) would invest - or invest more - if the impact of their investment aligned with their personal values and 53% would invest - or invest more - if the fund they invested in had a clear purpose for good.

The trend is even stronger in younger women with 71% of those under 30 who already invest saying they put tend to put their money in companies that support their personal values, compared to 53% of women over 50 who invest.

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