BlackRock has launched its inaugural actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Europe.

The iShares World Equity High Income UCITS ETF (WINC) and iShares US Equity High Income UCITS ETF (INCU), mark a significant milestone for BlackRock in the European market, catering to investor demand for income-focused strategies within the ETF space.

BlackRock's latest offerings represent a departure from its traditional index-tracking ETFs, integrating active elements and decision-making processes while maintaining a systematic approach.

The aim of these new ETFs is to maximize income generation through a combination of security selection and options overlay techniques, such as covered calls, to extract additional premiums.

Manuela Sperandeo, BlackRock's head of product for indexing and active ETFs, emphasized the innovative nature of these launches, highlighting the potential of active ETFs to enhance portfolio construction and navigate challenging market conditions.

The WINC and INCU ETFs target lower volatility than their benchmarks and are managed by BlackRock's Systematic and iShares ETF platform teams. Raffaele Savi and Robert Fisher, along with additional managers, will oversee the funds, leveraging systematic insights and active strategies to deliver high income to investors.

Investors will benefit from daily access to portfolio holdings, ensuring transparency and visibility into underlying assets.

Both ETFs offer distinct geographic exposures, with WINC focusing on global equities and INCU concentrating on US equities.

The funds are listed on major European exchanges, including Euronext Amsterdam and Xetra, with listing on the London Stock Exchange to follow.