Amati Global Investors is launching the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund, investing in a broad range of metals.

Unlike the solely precious metals focused funds presently available to UK investors, the active, high conviction fund creates a fresh and exciting opportunity for those looking to increase the exposure of their investment portfolios to both precious metals as a store of value and the metals which will be required to facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels towards a net zero carbon world.

The fund seeks to deliver long-term capital growth by investing in a well-diversified portfolio of internationally listed metals and mining companies - listed in London (FTSE, AIM), US (NYSE, Nasdaq), Canada (TSX, TVE, VSE) and Australia (ASX), and whose primary revenues are derived from ‘strategic metals'. 

The word ‘strategic' refers to metals where there is a medium-term investment rationale to underpin their production, in other words where increased demand is predicted to meet constrained supply - and at the same time, to metals which can be regarded as strategic in a geo-political sense, that is, those which will be key in supporting the major industrial trends that are unfolding and which the major economic powers will want to have an interest in.  These include gold, silver, copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, platinum group and rare earth metals.

The new fund will be managed by Georges Lequime and Mark Smith of UK-based London Investment Consultants.

Amati founder and CEO, Paul Jourdan, said: "Small and mid-sized mining companies present many of the most attractive investment opportunities in metals", says Jourdan. 

"They can meaningfully grow the value of their businesses by virtue of exploration success and the de-risking of project build, whereas the large mature companies are almost entirely reliant on higher commodity prices to enhance the value of their businesses. "

"They are however difficult to identify.  That requires specialist expertise and real knowledge of the mining sector, and it is for that reason we have elected to work with Georges and Mark.  They bring a rare level of expertise in global mining practice to bear on their investment decisions and are uniquely qualified to realise the potential of the many opportunities presented by the transition to clean, sustainable energy sources and a lower carbon world."