Allfunds and MainStreet Partners launch SFDR Sustainability Navigator tool

Allfunds and MainStreet Partners today (9 May) launched the Sustainability Navigator, an "innovative" tool to streamline the construction of sustainable investment portfolios and deliver "comprehensive" data insights for asset managers and wealth managers in line with the frameworks of the SFDR regulation.

Sustainability Navigator is a direct result of the collaborative efforts of Allfunds and MainStreet Partners, which have harnessed their combined expertise and strengths to create this tool.

MainStreet Partners brings "unmatched proficiency" in sustainability advisory and proprietary data since 2008, the statement said adding that "conversely, Allfunds contributes its cutting-edge digital ecosystem and user-centric approach, seamlessly integrating the tool into Allfunds Connect for instant access to tailored information".

Juan de Palacios, chief strategy and product officer at Allfunds, said: "We are thrilled to release this tool, showcasing the fruitful collaboration that has evolved since we announced Allfunds' acquisition of MainStreet at the beginning of 2023. This undertaking aligns perfectly with our ambition to leverage MainStreet Partners’ leading sustainable data and expertise and integrate it seamlessly into Allfunds' one stop-shop approach."

Simone Gallo, managing director at MainStreet Partners added: “The development of the Sustainability Navigator, supported by Allfunds extensive distribution network, will bring MainStreet’s expertise to a wider audience. Together we have built a unique digital tool to automatise the main needs of several investors that want to build an Art.8 product or transform an Art.8 into and Art.9 product. Investors often ask how they build and audit several sustainable universes using thousands of data points that speak the language of the SFDR framework, in an efficient and cost-effective way. This new tool answers that question.”

The tool empowers users in two primary ways:
1) The option to upload existing portfolios and gain instant access to a detailed report and breakdowns of several data points including: % of sustainable investments, ESG ratings, presence of controversies and taxonomy alignment.
2) Alternatively, build customized portfolios from scratch and in line with Art.8 and 9 frameworks of EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation, using a universe of over 8,500 issuers. Investors can apply various filtering criteria based on best ESG screening practices, including controversies, PAIs, and alignment to the UN SDGs. This empowers them to build portfolios and universes that align with their specific sustainability goals and objectives, while obtaining comprehensive ESG results for each selected issuer.

Key features of the Sustainability Navigator include:
• Comprehensive Data Integration: Leveraging a vast database of over 8,500 issuers to offer rich and accurate insights on portfolio risk and positive contribution.
• Real-Time Analysis and Simulation: Empowering users to filter and analyze the sustainable universe in real time.
• Streamlined Sustainable Portfolio Construction: Simplifying the task of building sustainable portfolios with a tool developed purposefully in alignment with current EU sustainability regulation and frameworks.
• Enhanced User Experience: Providing a seamless and intuitive journey for users to make informed choices without overwhelming complexities.


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