The Swedish Fund Selection Agency (FTN), has unveiled plans for a raft of mandates into 2024  to the tune of €17bn.

In a statement, FTN said the next two procurements of funds to be procured to the premium pension fund platform would be European equities index and Global equities index.

Notice will be made for the procurements at the end of 2023 or in the beginning of 2024.

FTN also announces two additional procurements to the plan for 2024; actively managed Swedish equities and Swedish equities index, in addition to previously communicated categories.

Notice will be made simultaneously for the procurements of European equities index, AUM SEK 14bn, and Global equities index, AUM SEK 40 bn*.

Fund managers that wish to participate in both procurements will have to submit separate tenders for each category.

In addition to the index procurements, notice is planned during 2024 for the following procurements, without consecutive order:

  • Nordic Equities, actively managed: AUM of SEK 19bn
  • Global bonds: AUM of SEK0.7bn
  • Swedish Equities, Actively managed: AUM of SEK74 bn
  • Swedish Equities, Index: AUM of SEK46 bn